Can God Set a Table in the Wilderness?

Posted on April 29, 2016


Most of the time I feel just like the Israelites of old who doubted God would provide.  I have just as many stories as they did to prove he has and will, but this time...this time is different?

At our Easter Festival this year in which our church dramatizes seven Scripture passages, the Creation passage concluded with a table being set for Adam and Eve in the garden, a place to have a meal with God.  During the Fall, the table crashed to the ground.  Later, in the Zephaniah reading in which God gathers his people and restores to them what was lost, the Eucharistic table was brought out and set in invitation to all those who are in God's family--redeemed from the Fall, restored to fellowship.

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Incarnational Living: Living With Less Media

Posted on February 14, 2016


Just the other day I had to wait for two of my children to complete a music exam.  The hallways of the conservatory were lined with parents and siblings waiting.  I was struck by the unsettling picture of all the siblings of all ages looking at phones or devices.  Not one child was reading a book or looking around.  When my children pulled their books out to read as they waited, I felt like we were characters from another era who were dropped down into the future. 

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