The Sacredness of Your Child's Imagination: Part I

Posted on June 15, 2017


In the middle of the night, my six year old came into our bedroom wanting to crawl into bed with us, saying he had had a very bad dream. When I cuddled him close I asked him if he wanted to tell me about it. He said he didn't want to tell because it was so upsetting. I prayed for him and assured him of his safety. But he could not fall asleep again. He whispered, "When I close my eyes, the evil man is still alive."

Isn't that the case with all of our imaginations? It is the world fully alive when we close our eyes, when we gaze out the window, when we are still. 

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The Cup We Drink with Jesus: our Suffering and our Salvation

Posted on April 10, 2017

Throughout this Lent, I have been meditating on the call to drink the cup with the Lord. "Unless you drink this cup, you have no part in me."

The Last Supper, Pascal Dagnan Bouveret

What is the cup we are drinking?  Well, certainly in the Garden when Jesus asks that the cup be passed by, he is referring to the suffering he must endure.  The cup of Jesus we are to drink involves suffering.  We are to embrace the suffering that Jesus calls us into as his own people, his family. We have no part in him if we do not drink it.  In fact, Romans 8:17 says that we are "fellow heirs with Christ provided we suffer with him..."

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