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Fight for Fiction: The Formative Power of Story

Posted on March 12, 2014

(Image by Amanda Cleary Eastep--children's author)

The Common Core that many states have recently instituted in our schools is controversial.  Along with many literature proponents, I am deeply concerned at the replacement of 50% of the fiction and poetry with technical and non-fiction reading.  This other reading is non-fiction from science, math, etc. Already our students do not read enough literature, and since schools have been trying to attract children to reading by offering inferior literature that presents immediate pleasure, the body of great literature to which a student is exposed, has been steadily shrinking.  Now it has just shrunk more. 

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In Praise of Boredom...the Gift of Unfilled Time

Posted on January 02, 2014

Dressed as Beatrix Potter, my daughter paints in the garden.

It is not unusual to hear a child say, "I'm bored." But before you consider that comment as an immediate demand on your creative faculties, guide your child to realize the perfect door is open to discover and create. It is only when children are looking for something to do that they fall into the best kind of play, that is, as long as all media is unavailable.

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